Mid Canterbury Shuttle Service


Ashburton to Christchurch
Return Twice Daily


You can easily find our rates which are set out for the various sections of the journey. We will always charge the same fare for the same journey as long as minimum bookings thresholds are met.


For regular bookings we have discounted weekly or 6 trip rates. 


Group and family may be available when 3 or more people are travelling together, and their pick up and drop off points are the same. Contact us for a quote.


We carefully plan our route and pick up times each day to get passengers where they need to be on time.


You can be picked up and dropped off at different stops depending on your personal requirements.


Catch up on sleep, get the morning paper read, or last minute work done without having to worry about the driving. A great opportunity for students to study.


We only charge for your fare and have no booking fee. In fact we encourage people to book early for certainty over travel.


We pride ourselves in making your trip enjoyable, timely and stress free.


Our late model van was purchased with customer comfort in mind and built for purpose.

Latest News

Fare Changes From 1 March 2024

We will be making the changes listed below. Standard fares for one way trips and same day return trips will increase by $5. This is due to inflation and is our first increase in two years. Travel up until 12 April 2024 will be at the current rates as long as it is...

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What Is the Actual Cost of the Commute?

An accountant will tell you about 60 cents per kilometer which works out to about $2300 per month or $115 per day to commute to Christchurch from Ashburton 5 days a week. If we break it down for an average late model vehicle. Fuel – about $800 per month or $40 per day...

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This schedule will operate Monday to Friday excluding public holidays during 2024. 

Reduced services will operate between July 6th and 21st 2024 and other academic holiday periods.

  • The schedule gives a range of departure times, the current actual times can be viewed by clicking on “upcoming services” above.
  • The times we operate are to accommodate people working and studying in Christchurch with start times from 8.00 am and finish times up to 5.00 pm. The actual times we run will depend on the actual start and finish times of booked passengers. Booked passengers will be given a pick up time shortly before their travel.
  • Regular Sunday afternoon services are no longer operating during 2024 due to insufficient passengers using them during 2023 for it to be viable for us to continue providing the service.
  • No scheduled services operate on weekends, private transfers may be available when we are not operating scheduled services, subject to driver and vehicle availability.
  • We can provide text notification of any weekend private transfers that are running with seats available for other passengers. Text us on 02108385112 to receive ongoing text notifications of weekend services.


Stops In Ashburton – We usually pick up and drop off at home or a specific address in Ashburton & Tinwald, but may ask passengers to wait at a stop if we are busy in the mornings.

Other Mid-Canterbury Stops – We usually pick up and drop off at home or a specific address, except on our morning service to Christchurch. This only picks up in Ashburton, and Rakaia. Passengers from other locations wanting to use the morning service will need to arrange to park or be dropped off in Ashburton or Rakaia.

Stops In Christchurch – We are not permitted to carry passengers between two stops within Christchurch or between Rolleston or Lincoln & Christchurch. We will stop at any designated bus stop in Christchurch or anywhere with legal parking. Surcharges apply for outer suburbs and the airport, see fares and conditions of carriage for details.

Appointments In Christchurch – We can take passengers up, wait for them, and take them back for morning appointments completed by 10.30 am, or afternoon appointments starting from 2.45 pm. Outside these times, passengers will need to stay in Christchurch for the day.

Our Vehicles & Luggage – We operate a late model LDV V80 with comfortable seating for 10 passengers. We can carry regular luggage for up to 5 passengers free of charge if the vehicle is not full. Please book at least 72 hours ahead if you have luggage and inform us if you have irregular luggage items. An additional charge may apply. We are usually full on the Monday morning service to Christchurch and Friday afternoon service from Christchurch.



Fares and Conditions of Carriage

Book Now

  • Bookings and booking enquiries can be made my text or phone call to 02108385112 or email to info [at] midcanterburyshuttleservice [dot] co [dot] nz . We may not be able to reply to messages or answer phone calls immediately if we are driving, and may not respond until the next day if your enquiry is made after 7.30 pm, or on weekends. 
  • We will require the passenger name, contact mobile number if available, pick up location, drop off location, and any relevant start or finish times. Your booking is confirmed once we reply after receiving this information.
  • You will receive a notification of your pick up time by 7.30 pm the previous evening if you are travelling on our morning services, or by noon on the day of travel if you are travelling on our afternoon services.