Due to a decline in the number of passengers commuting regularly midweek during the period of the COVID 19 restrictions we are currently reviewing the services it s feasible for us to continue operating. We will continue to run a Monday morning and Friday afternoon service until the end of the current academic year, but may not be able to continue running other services regularly beyond the end of October. Please consider using the service if you are regularly committing to Christchurch for work or study midweek as this will enable us to keep operating daily services.

For the 3 weeks of October starting from Monday 10th, we will operate a Sunday afternoon service, and twice daily morning and afternoon services Monday to Friday as normal provided there are bookings by 9.00 am on the Sunday off or preceding travel. We will be arranging other work in order to pay the bills for days where there are no bookings, so it may not be possible to book during your week of travel except on services which are already confirmed as operating. Please plan and book your travel at least a week ahead in order to ensure a service will be available on the day you require..

Depending on passenger numbers during October, we may need to reduce available services and reimpose minimum booking requirements for the period November 2020 to January 2021. We are therefore not currently making confirmed bookings for one person travelling one way during this period unless there is an agreement to pay double fare if they end up being the only traveller. We will be closed for 2 to 3 weeks over the Christmas and New Year period, dates to be confirmed.

We hope to be able to resume operating a regular timetable from February 2021, however this will be dependent on the number of passengers committed to commuting regularly midweek. Please get in touch if you are planning to commute regularly to Christchurch for work or study in 2021.