We will be making the changes listed below.

  • Standard fares for one way trips and same day return trips will increase by $5. This is due to inflation and is our first increase in two years. Travel up until 12 April 2024 will be at the current rates as long as it is booked before 1 March 2024.
  • Travel to and from locations other than Ashburton, Rakaia and and nearby will incur an additional charge based on our associated additional costs to operate a service there, rather than having a set per person rate.
  • Six trip passes will remain at $210 for Ashburton passengers and increase slightly to $180 for Rakaia passengers, 10 trip family passes will increase sightly to $300 for Ashburton passengers and to $250 for Rakaia passengers. Passes will no longer be available for other locations.
  • Our rate for passengers regularly travelling return to Christchurch one day per week will increase to $60 from Ashburton and $50 from Rakaia. These rates will also apply for passengers travelling multiple days for less than a 3 week period.
  • Our rates for passengers regularly travelling return 2 or more days a week will essentially remain the same, the maximum weekly charge will remain at $180 from Ashburton, there will be a scaled per trip rate based on the actual number of trips taken in a week, this will mean passengers who miss there regular days may pay a slightly higher per trip rate.