Fares & Conditions of Carriage


Fares & Conditions of Carriage Effective Monday 10th June 2019

 Standard Fares

Travel BetweenOne WayReturnTravel BetweenOne WayReturn
Ashburton & Methven$15$25Methven & Christchurch$40$65
Ashburton & Rakaia$15$25Methven & Christchurch Airport$45$75
Ashburton & Selwyn$30$50Rakaia & Selwyn$15$25
Ashburton & Christchurch$40$65Rakaia & Christchurch$30$50
Ashburton & Christchurch Airport$45$75Rakaia & Christchurch Airport$35$60
Methven & Rakaia$15$25Selwyn & Christchurch$15$25
Methven & Selwyn$30$50Selwyn & Christchurch Airport$20$35
  • Travel within a fare zone is $10 one-way or $20 return
  • Standard Fares can be paid on boarding. Return journeys do not need to be on the same day, but do need to be booked with the original one-way journey.
  • Not all services go to Methven, please check the timetable or the rural services page under current news on our website.
  • Some services can stop at Hinds, Mayfield, Mt Somers or other rural locations around Ashburton, surcharges apply. Please see below for details.


Weekly Concession Rates

Travel BetweenOne WayReturnTravel BetweenOne WayReturn
Ashburton & Methven$60$100Methven & Selwyn$120$200
Ashburton & Rakaia$60$100Methven & Christchurch$160$260
Ashburton & Selwyn$120$200Rakaia & Selwyn$60$100
Ashburton & Christchurch$160$260Rakaia & Christchurch$120$200
Methven & Rakaia$60$100Selwyn & Christchurch$60$100
  • Weekly concession rates must be prepaid, and are for 5 actual journeys, for one-way passes and 10 actual journeys for return passes.
  • The journeys need to be pre-booked at least 24 hours in advance.
  • Holders may use these to book any journey of the same or lesser valuable in any direction, including for other people.


Student & Regular Passenger Rates

  • Ashburton to Christchurch                                                                          $39 per day
  • Ashburton to Lincoln University or Rakaia to Christchurch                         $30 per day
  • Rakaia to Lincoln University                                                                        $20 per day

These are available for passengers travelling at least 3 days per week for an extended period such as a month or a term. To obtain these rates, fares must be prepaid. This can be done in instalments at agreed regular intervals.

Rural Surcharges

These are the one-way fares to or from Ashburton, or are added as surcharges to fares to other destinations from Ashburton. There is no surcharge for Lauriston on services going to or from Methven., the Methven fare applies

  • Fairton, Chertsey, Ashburton North Industrial Park – no charge
  • Wakanui, Lake Hood – $10
  • Coldstream, Hinds, Lauriston – $15
  • Mayfield, Mt Somers – $20


Passengers may carry small items like school bags, briefcases or laptop bags with them on board. There is limited space for larger items, so please check with us if we can take your luggage before booking or using the service. We cannot carry luggage in the passenger area due to safety regulations. We are able to make arrangements to carry extra luggage if given 48 hours’ notice, and will not usually charge extra, but reserve the right to do so if no notice is given or passenger numbers on the service are low.

Payment Options

All travel requires payment in advance in the case of weekly and monthly or term rates or on boarding the vehicle for single journeys. EFTPOS facilities are available on board the vehicle. Credit cards are not accepted on board.  A limited amount of change is carried. Our website will shortly have credit card payment facilities available. A 3% surcharge will apply. The website also has instructions for making payments direct to our bank account


  • Partial refunds on monthly rate or term rate payments for inability to travel due to prolonged illness or other unforeseen circumstances will be considered on a case-by-case basis.
  • No refunds will be made on weekly rate payments, but the travel will be transferred to another person on request.
  • No refunds will be made on single return journeys, but the travel will be transferred to another person or rebooked on request if you give us at least 24-hour’s notice of your cancelled pick-up.


  • Regular commuter services will run Monday to Friday. There will be no service on public holidays. We will not run scheduled services if there are no pre-booked passengers, so please book before you travel with us.
  • A Sunday evening service from Ashburton to Methven to Christchurch, then back to Ashburton will run during school terms.
  • We will make every effort to adhere to the timetable however traffic conditions are variable and we are not able to wait in bus stops in Christchurch, so please be at the stop before your pick-up time and be patient if we are late.
  • From time to time vehicle maintenance may result in the cancellation of off-peak services. We will advertise these cancellations in advance in local newspapers.