We are currently not able to operate, as all road routes between Ashburton and Christchurch are closed due to flooding. Services are cancelled for Monday 31st May, and may also be cancelled for Tuesday 1st June. We will resume services as soon as there is a safe route open. Once we resume, the travel time will likely be longer until roads and bridges are repaired, and some locations in Mid Canterbury, Selwyn and Christchurch may remain inaccessible by road. Please contact us should you wish to book on the first available service from your location.

Update Monday 31st May 3.30 pm – As there are currently no routes open across the Selwyn River, the morning service for Tuesday 1st June is cancelled. An afternoon service may operate if a safe route is open, and passengers need to travel.

Update Tuesday 1st June 10.45 am – State highway 1 to Christchurch is open for essential travel only. Getting home is deemed to be essential travel, work, study and recreational travel is not. We will run a return trip to the airport today leaving Ashburton at noon, we will pick up in Ashburton north of the bridge and Rakaia only. On the return we will also go to Methven if passengers need to get there.

Update Tuesday 1st June 8.00 pm – State highway 1 between Ashburton and Christchurch is open to all traffic, but down to one lane with stop / go signs north of Dunsandel. We will therefore resume regular services to and from Christchurch. There are limited locations we can currently access for pick ups and drop-offs in the Mid-Canterbury district; Ashburton and surrounding locations North of the river, Methven township, Rakaia township, and points along SH! and the open routes between Ashburton, Methven and Rakaia detailed on the council website.

Update Wednesday 2nd June 6.00 am – There is now a route open from Ashburton to Tinwald via Methven, Mr Somers and Mayfield,  however due to the length of this detour, and the need for us to return to Ashburton afterwards we will not be operating beyond Methven on routine services. We will take passengers to and from the locations further around the detour by prior arrangement. The fare will be evaluated on a case by case basis and will be similar to the helicopter for one passenger travelling between Ashburton and Tinwald. Due to work hours regulations we will not always be able to provide this service, and it will likely include a driver rest stop in either Methven or Ashburton if it is part of a trip to or from Christchurch.

Update Wednesday 2nd June 9.00 pm – The Ashburton Bridge is currently open for light traffic, however, as our vehicle is above the weight limit, we are unable to use it to pick up or drop off passengers on the Tinwald side of the bridge. Tinwald passengers should arrange to be picked up or dropped off on the Ashburton side of the bridge in order to use the service where possible. If this is not possible please contact us, as we may be able to arrange something.

Update Thursday 3rd June 2.00 pm – The Ashburton bridge is now open to heavier vehicles between 7.00 am and 7.00 pm, so we can pick up and drop off passengers in Tinwald on all services except those departing Ashburton for Christchurch before 7.00 am. Currently this will only affect our morning service on Tuesday 8th June.

Update Saturday 12th June 11.00 am – The Ashburton bridge is now open to heavier vehicles 24 / 7, so we can pick up and drop off passengers in Tinwald on all services. We are also now able to pick up and drop off in Hinds on request. Due to closed roads, we are still operating services to Mayfield and Mt Somers only by prior arrangement with fares to be determined on a case by case basis. We hope to be able to access these locations more easily by the end of next week.