School Student Services

  • Weekend Services

    We offer a Sunday evening service usually departing from Ashburton at 4.30 pm after picking up passengers at home, Methven I-site at 5.00 pm and Rakaia by the electric vehicle charging station at 5.30 pm. This service will also pick up in Hinds, Mt Somers & Mayfield on request, which is accommodated by leaving Ashburton earlier. The service drops off in Christchurch between 6.30 and 6.45 pm. Bookings from Ashburton, Methven and Rakaia need to be made by 1.00 pm on the day of travel, bookings from Hinds or Mayfield need to be made by 9.00 am on the day of travel, so we can confirm pick up times for other passengers.

    We also operate a Monday morning service departing from Ashburton at 6.30 am and Rakaia at 6.50 am. This is a popular service, with some regular passengers travelling every week, and It is recommended that passengers book as far in advance as possible to ensure that seats are available. Large luggage items may not be able to be carried on board on this service.

    Friday afternoon return service is available on the regular scheduled run from Christchurch to Ashburton leaving Christchurch at approximately 4.00 pm, It will operate via Methven, Mayfield, Mt Somers and Hinds on request.

    • The operating days of all the above services will be adjusted for public holidays on Fridays or Mondays.
    • Please let us know at least 72 hours in advance if you are planning to take large bags or bulky luggage so we can arrange a luggage trailer if necessary, additional costs may apply.

    Monday to Friday Services

    We operate a daily morning service from Ashburton and Rakaia to Christchurch, which arrives between 7.45 am and 8.45 am depending on the start times of booked passengers.

    We operate a daily afternoon service from Christchurch which can also drop in Methven, Mayfield and Hinds. This departs between 3.15 and 5.15 pm, depending on the finish times of booked passengers.


    SCHOOL STUDENT WEEKEND FARESOne Way6 Trip One Way Pass10 Trip One Way Pass
    Ashburton / Christchurch$45$210$280
    Rakaia / Christchurch$35$162$220
    Lake Hood, Wakanui, Hinds / Christchurch$55$234$310
    Methven, Mayfield, Mt Somers / Christchurch$60$258$340

    The 10 trip one way pass is only available to families with 2 or more siblings commuting.

    STUDENT DAILY RETURN RATESDay Return2 Day Returns A Week3 or More Day Returns A Week5 Day Returns A Week
    Ashburton / Christchurch, Lincoln$75$120$42 per day$180
    Rakaia / Christchurch, Lincoln$60$90$32 per day$140
    Ashburton / Rakaia$30$50$24 per day$110
    Ashburton / Rolleston$60$90$32 per day$140
    Ashburton, Rakaia / Christchurch, Rolleston, Lincoln First week trial for passengers commuting at least 3 days each week  $24 per day 

    An extra charge $5 to $10 per trip will apply for some outer suburbs of Christchurch, see our fares and conditions of carriage for details. This charge does not apply to any of the main boarding schools.