We currently stop at ARA Institute, schools in Central Christchurch and along Papanui Rd, and Canterbury University and schools nearby between 7.45 am and 8.25 am Monday to Friday. The same service drops at Lincoln University at approximately 7.20 am. This service is also available to people commuting for work or appointments. The evening return service is timetabled to pick up from 5.00 pm, but will leave earlier if this suits all booked passengers.

For students and other regular commuters from Ashburton that commit to using the service at least 3 days a week for an extended period, we offer a 40% discounted daily return rate to Lincoln ($30) and Christchurch ($39). From Rakaia on the same service the daily return rates for such regular passengers are $20 to Lincoln and $30 to Christchurch. For new passengers wanting to try the service your first week is $20 per day, as long as there is a minimum of 3 days travel booked by the same person to and from the same place.

For regular travellers commuting less than 3 days a week we offer a 20% discount on our standard fares in the form of a 5 ride of 10 ride prepaid pass. These passes can be used to book travel in either direction.

  • Ashburton to Christchurch one way 5 trip pass $160, return 5 trip pass (10 trips) $260
  • Ashburton to Lincoln or Rakaia to Christchurch one way 5 trip pass $120, return 5 trip pass (10 trips) $200

We do not currently offer the commuter service from Methven or locations other than Tinwald, Ashburton or Rakaia but there are parking options available in Ashburton and Rakaia for those from out of town.