An accountant will tell you about 60 cents per kilometer which works out to about $2300 per month or $115 per day to commute to Christchurch from Ashburton 5 days a week. If we break it down for an average late model vehicle.

  • Fuel – about $800 per month or $40 per day for a reasonably efficient model.
  • Maintenance – you will need at least one extra set of tyres per year, your vehicle will need an oil change about every 5 weeks, and a new oil filter about every 10 weeks, you will need to replace belts and other filters more often, the likelihood of major mechanical problems will be increased – about $250 per month or $12 per day.
  • Parking in Christchurch – about $5 per day or $100 per month
  • Depreciation – the increased mileage will significantly reduce the resale value of your vehicle. For a late model vehicle this could be as much as $500 per month or $25 per day.
  • Your Time – you will spend 50 to 60 hours a month driving. This is time which you are not able to use to earn an income or for other productive purposes – using the minimum wage about $1100 per month or $55 per day.

The exact figures for your vehicle may be slightly different, but clearly our regular user rate of $42 per day or about $840 per month is less than the cost for one person driving themselves, and is competitive with carpooling.

While anyone can arrange a carpool where people take turns driving, please be aware that organising a carpool where money changes hands is illegal unless the organiser has a passenger service licence, the vehicle has a certificate of fitness for a passenger transport vehicle, and the drivers have a passenger endorsement on their licence. All up this will cost about $1000 assuming no major modifications are need to the vehicle to meet the COF requirements. Operating as a commercial passenger service voids your insurance cover in the event of an accident on standard motor vehicle policies, so specific coverage to do so is also required.

What Could You Do With 60 Extra Hours A Month?

  • Learn a new language
  • Write your first novel
  • Get on top of the personal correspondence and financial planning
  • Ace every term paper or business presentation

Using our service instead of driving yourself to Christchurch every day will give you back this time. The vision and self-discipline to make the most of it is up to you.